Poetry & Meaning is my Facebook study group devoted to sharing poetry from all cultural traditions, with an eye to engaging this art form in its role as illuminator of important philosophical, spiritual/religious, aesthetic, social, and psychological meanings.  Hence, it is a literary compliment to the themes that I address in this blog’s essays, applying the standpoint of diverse poetic forms toward a fuller appreciation of our human condition.

Poetry & Meaning is primarily oriented toward discussion, using the themes and literary structure of poetry as the venue through which to consider and trade ideas about these fundamental dimensions of human life.  Those at ALL levels of knowledge about this art form are invited to join.

Please click on the link below to access the Poetry & Meaning site.  Once there, simply click on the blue rectangle labeled “Join” in the center right of the page, if you wish to become a member:


If you submit a request for membership, be sure that you read and answer the two questions on the application form that appears after you click “join”.   

The focus of Poetry & Meaning is upon poems themselves, both famous and lesser-known.  However, a wide variety of contributions from members are also welcome, including personally-written works of poetry, links to relevant readings and videos, and so on.  Members who share material are encouraged to add a commentary or contemplation of any length regarding their understanding of the meaning(s) contained within their selection, if they have insights they feel are relevant and illuminating.    Member posts or comments to others’ contributions regarding the private lives and artistic legacies of poets are also of interest.  Poetry in languages other than English are encouraged, and should include an English translation.


Featured Image Art by Juhana Blumstedt, Finnish, 2004


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